Reconstruction of doll from TV commercial

3D scanning of doll for CAD design and mass production.

Over a period of years, a chain of Danish builders merchants ran a series of TV commercials with a roaring doll. They also wanted a miniature version of their TV doll to be produced and sold at the builders merchants. 

The original doll from the TV commercial was about 130 cm tall and produced in soft silicone materials with a fake fur. The reconstruction of the figure was to be made as a scale model, which was approximately 20 cm tall. Using 3D scanning Zebicon created a digital 3D model of the doll, which could be downsized and form the basis of CAD design and creation of molds and production equipment.

The reverse engineering task of digitizing the doll resulted in a surface model (solid) designed in the software PRO/Engineer. The surface model worked as basis for final 3D design of the scale model.

Reproduced with permission from RÅD & DÅD and Uncle Grey.

Watch the commercial with the roaring doll.

3D scanning

3D scanning

3D scanning is a technology, which can create a digital 3D model of a physical part. The technology is primarily used for reverse engineering or quality control and part measurement. Read more