Inspection of hidden elements

CT scanning of Kinder Surprise to reveal toy

Children love the Kinder Surprise treat, where the inner secret only reveals after the chocolate has been eaten. At Zebicon we have CT scanned a Kinder Surprise egg to illustrate the possibilities with computer tomography.

The task was to reveal the toy inside a Kinder Surprise without breaking the chocolate. At the same time it was interesting to locate defects and other hidden details in the product.

The scanning of the Kinder Surprise revealed a number of "defects" in the chocolate shell, e.g. that the layer was uneven, contained air inclusions, and that the two shells did not meet. Moreover, it was possible to see details on the inner yellow case, such as serial number, the closing mechanism, and the paper instruction inside. The most exciting detail, however, was the revelation of the toy in the middle; the sly femail squirrel Scratte from Ice Age 3.

Reproduced with permission from Ferrero.

CT scanning

CT scanning
CT scanning is x-ray scanning in 3D and is also called computer tomography. The technology is ideal for part measurement and material analysis, as both internal and external geometries are documented. Read more