Quality control of plugs and electronic components

Belden Cekan A/S uses CT scanning to document and validate parts.

The international company Belden Cekan designs, produces and sells a wide range of cables, hook-ups, and network products for transmission of signals to data, audio, and video.

The company consistently works to develop and improve its products to be one step in front of the technology of tomorrow.

With up to 25 years guarantee on products from Belden Cekan, it is important that all components live up to the company’s high quality standard. Therefore, CT scanning is used in the development phase, where part geometries are measured, including positions of elements that are in contact with each other.

Hear René Oestergaard, Head of development, tell how they use CT scanning in the development department at Belden Cekan.

CT scanning

CT scanning
CT scanning is x-ray scanning in 3D and is also called computer tomography. The technology is ideal for part measurement and material analysis, as both internal and external geometries are documented. Read more