Documentation and analysis of PCB

CT scanning and component analysis

This case is a mix of several jobs from different customers to illustrate the possibilities with CT scanning of electronic components.

Common to all examples are that they are based on embedded micro components. In some cases a dispute was to be settled, and in others, an error rate was to be calculated based on a large number of scannings of the same type of component.

The result of a component analysis can be delivered in 3D or as 2D x-ray images. Furthermore, it is possible to get a video slide show, presenting the scanned part layer by layer in a given plane. Finally, it is possible to perform dimensioning of the scannede data.

CT scanning

CT scanning
CT scanning is x-ray scanning in 3D and is also called computer tomography. The technology is ideal for part measurement and material analysis, as both internal and external geometries are documented. Read more