HBN-Teknik invests in fully automated 3D scanner solution

In April 2017 HBN-Teknik invested in new measuring equipment for introduction and quality control of parts.

HBN-Teknik A/S in Ringsted develops and manufactures composite solutions for the automotive industry. So far, the company has used tactile measuring tools for manual measurement of parts.

The company invested in optical measuring equipment because of higher complexity of parts and increasing demand for measurement system analysis, MSA. Especially, a specific project was challenging, and the decision-making process was initiated.

Good cooperation throughout the process
HBN-Teknik contacted Zebicon, and after presentations of GOM equipment and demonstration of scanned data, they decided to invest in an ATOS ScanBox 5120. A fully automated 3D scanner solution which conducts accurate measurements of parts up to 2 m and 500 kg.

Sebastian Wagner-Crafack, Head of R&D at HBN-Teknik, explains: "We already knew Zebicon, as they have done services for us several times before. Both we and our customers, have been very pleased with the results Zebicon has delivered. Therefore, it was natural for HBN-Teknik to contact Zebicon, when it came to purchase of new measuring equipment."

Buying a metrology system can be a big investment, which requires a lot of consideration before making the decision. "We have had good communication with Zebicon, both during the decision-making process and the implementation of the new equipment. It means a lot to us, that we have had a good start and it's great knowing, that we can always call Zebicon if we need help," concludes Sebastian Wagner-Crafack.

From development and introduction to regular quality control
So far, the optical measuring system has been used for introducing new parts by the development team. In addition to digitizing complete surfaces, the equipment is used for measuring center points and concentricity of parts. Features that cannot be measured with tactile measuring tools.

The plan for the ATOS ScanBox 5120 is also to use it in the production for continuous quality control. HBN-Teknik is currently designing a fixture, which can be used for measuring all part numbers.

This way, the operator merely needs to take a part out of the production with regular intervals, place it in the fixture, select the pre-programmed template and press start. Since the measuring system does the rest, measurements are performed without influence of the operator and are done exactly the same way each time.

In addition, the MSA of the new measuring equipment has shown a significantly lower measurement uncertainty than the previous tools. Now the measurement uncertainty has been reduced from up to 40% to less than 5%.



3D scanning

3D scanning

3D scanning is a technology, which can create a digital 3D model of a physical part. The technology is primarily used for reverse engineering or quality control and part measurement. Read more

ATOS ScanBox serie 5

ATOS ScanBox 5108 og den større udgave ATOS ScanBox 5120 håndterer måling af emner op til 2000 mm og 500 kg.