HN Group invests in automated 3D measurement for quality inspection

An increasing demand for documentation and sophisticated quality inspection from the plastic manufacturer’s customers, has made HN Group from Billund invest in automated part verification.

The measurement laboratory at the plastic manufacturer HN Group has recently been upgraded with the newest equipment within 3D scanning and measuring techniques. The company has invested in an ATOS ScanBox 4105 delivered by Zebicon in Billund.

ATOS ScanBox is an automated measuring system based on optical 3D scanning, where usability, safety and high-end equipment are in focus. The 3D scanner is mounted on a robot, and with two five-megapixel cameras, even the smallest details on HN Group’s technical plastic parts are documented. The scanned data is used for part verification and geometric inspection.

A demand from the customers
Over a longer period, HN Group has experienced a demand from their customers for increased and more sophisticated documentation. “Our customers develop advanced plastic parts, which we as subsupplier need to produce in high quality and perform extensive measurements of. It demands measurement equipment of high quality, ” explains Director of Sales and Marketing Allan Hansen. 

Two customers have already expressed a wish to get their parts measured in the new ATOS ScanBox. Furthermore, the new measurement opportunities have contributed to initiate a cooperation with a German customer.

Investment with a great output
Integrating automated 3D scanning and measurement in a company does not come without a substantial investment of both money and employee resources. However, Allan Hansen sees it as an investment with great output. Besides raising the level of internal quality control, the Sales and Marketing director expects to develop the employees, as the work with high-tech equipment improves the employees’ competences. Additionally, the company will save time, as manual typing routines will be replaced with an automated log. 

To get the new ATOS ScanBox integrated quickly in HN Group’s running production, the company has chosen to buy consultancy from Zebicon. The measuring specialists have to set up the programs for the ScanBox and help HN Group get started with the new equipment. “We wish, that all departments in our company experience, that the investment is a success, and therefore it is important that the machine does not stand still for 6 month, ” explains Allan Hansen, who is very satisfied with the cooperation with Zebicon, and the lifeline the company gives him in terms of metrological knowledge and services.

 “At HN Group we want to be first movers, and we are therefore happy and proud of being among the first in Denmark to integrate this level of quality control in our running production, ” concludes Allan Hansen.

3D scanning

3D scanning

3D scanning is a technology, which can create a digital 3D model of a physical part. The technology is primarily used for reverse engineering or quality control and part measurement. Read more

ATOS ScanBox serie 4

ATOS ScanBox 4105 er et fuldautomatiseret målesystem, som er velegnet til kontrol af mindre emner op til 500 mm og 100 kg.