ATOS Capsule

High-end scanner ideal for the industry

ATOS Capsule is a compact 3D scanner developed for the industry. The scanner has a unique design with its non-reflective glass panel, which protects optics and electronics from dust and splashing water.

This 3D scanner from GOM is a very robust solution and is ideal for a production environment. The glass panel can be removed and the lenses changed to fit the range of measurement. 

ATOS Capsule can be configurated to a fully automated setup, where both scanning and reporting is done without operator involvement.

The 3D scanner ATOS Capsule

ATOS Capsule is available with 8 or 12 mega pixel cameras and several measuring volumes. Thus, it possible to scan both small and medium sized parts with high resolution. 

The compact design of the scanner, its light weight, and the short working distance, makes ATOS Capsule simple to work with.

With blue light technology and two high resolution cameraes, ATOS Capsule performs 3D measurements based on GOM's Triple Scan principle. A principle which results in high accuracy along with improved and faster measuring of complex parts.


During scanning, a precise pattern of stripes is projected (fringe projection) on to the part's surface, and is detected by two cameras, calibrated in a stereo camera setup. Surface data is collected, where the camera rays intersect.  

In this process, the projector in the middle is passive and only contributes by projecting stripes. By using Triple Scan Technology, the projector is used as a calibrated unit in the measurement. In this way it is possible to capture data by combining one camera with the projector unit.

The scanner thus collects data in the following ray intersections:

  • Left camera / Right camera
  • Left camera / Projector
  • Right camera / Projector

Hence, the word Triple Scan Technology refers to the fact that three different methods are used for capturing data during the scanning process. As both cameras and projector are calibrated, all three elements are used to calculate the coordinates.

It is an advantage to use the Triple Scan Technology when scanning shiny parts, holes and complex geometries.

The projection unit in the ATOS scanner is based on Blue Light Technology, which means that the scanner projects light from a narrow-band blue frequency. Hereby, ambient light is filtered out during the scanning process and does not interfere during the measurement. The strong Blue Light source thereby result in an effecient and fast measurement.

ATOS Capsule
Measuring volume MV70 - MV320
Camera pixels 8M, 12M
Point spacing 0.02 mm - 0.10 mm
Setup Manual, Automated
Changeable lenses Yes
Blue Light Technology Yes
Triple Scan Technology Yes
Software ATOS Professional
GOM PlusBox


ATOS Plus is an add-on to the ATOS scanners, and is a combination of 3D scanning and photogrammetry. Using ATOS Plus a completely automated measurement process is obtained.

ATOS ScanBox Series 4

ATOS ScanBox 4105 is a fully automated metrology system, which is ideal for quality control of smaller parts up to 500 mm and 100 kg.

ATOS ScanBox Series 5

ATOS ScanBox 5108 and the larger model ATOS ScanBox 5120 handle measurement of parts up to 2000 mm and 500 kg.