ATOS Triple Scan

Robust and flexible industrial scanner

ATOS Triple Scan is GOM’s high-end 3D scanner based on cutting-edge measuring and projection technology.

The specially designed Triple Scan technology results in high accuracy, and improved and faster measurement of complex and shiny parts. The scanner can also be configured in a fully automated setup where both scanning and reporting is conducted without operator involvement.

ATOS Triple Scan is a blue-light 3D scanner. Many people consider this type of scanner to be a laser scanner, however, where the laser scanner is typically used for larger areas such as buildings and installations, the blue-light scanner is ideel for part verification and quality contol, given it's high precision.

The combination of blue light technology, which makes the measurement independent of the ambient light, and a robust design makes the scanner suitable for measurement outside of the measurement laboratory.

The 3D scanner ATOS Triple Scan

ATOS Triple Scan suits any measurement. With two high-resolution cameras and high flexibility in the measuring volume, it is both possible to scan small detailed parts and very large parts such as wind turbine components with high local resolution. When measuring very large parts the scanning process is combined with photogrammetry.

The scanner is available with different camera pixels and several measuring volumes.

ATOS Triple Scan is ideal for the industry. The scanner is a robust and stable solution in that delivers high quality and fast 3D scanning. The scanner can be used for many different purposes, such as: 

  • Part verification and quality control
  • Reverse engineering
  • Rapid prototyping
  • CAM processes
  • 3D modelling 

ATOS Triple Scan is a complete measuring system for high accuracy measurement. Professional inspection software, training and support is included.

During scanning, a precise pattern of stripes is projected (fringe projection) on to the part's surface, and is detected by two cameras, calibrated in a stereo camera setup. Surface data is collected, where the camera rays intersect.  

In this process, the projector in the middle is passive and only contributes by projecting stripes. By using Triple Scan Technology, the projector is used as a calibrated unit in the measurement. In this way it is possible to capture data by combining one camera with the projector unit.

The scanner thus collects data in the following ray intersections:

  • Left camera / Right camera
  • Left camera / Projector
  • Right camera / Projector

Hence, the word Triple Scan Technology refers to the fact that three different methods are used for capturing data during the scanning process. As both cameras and projector are calibrated, all three elements are used to calculate the coordinates.

It is an advantage to use the Triple Scan Technology when scanning shiny parts, holes and complex geometries.

The projection unit in the ATOS scanner is based on Blue Light Technology, which means that the scanner projects light from a narrow-band blue frequency. Hereby, ambient light is filtered out during the scanning process and does not interfere during the measurement. The strong Blue Light source thereby result in an effecient and fast measurement.

ATOS Triple Scan
Measuring volume MV38 - MV2000
Camera pixels 8M, 16M
Point spacing 0.01 mm - 0.61 mm
Setup Manual, Automated
Changeable lenses Yes
Blue Light Technology Yes
Triple Scan Technology Yes


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