Modular system for quick data collection with high precision

T-SCAN is a modular measurement system, which combines the handheld laser scanner T-SCAN, the tracker system T-TRACK, and the touch probe T-POINT in one complete solution for high precision 3D measurement.

With this laser scanner, which is a part of the product portfolio HandsOnMetrology, you get a fast and intuitive way to measure components, analyze data and create digital twins.

T-SCAN is a mobile and flexible solution with many applications. It can among others be used on the shop floor to detect deviations in the early stages of manufacturing. 

T-SCAN is developed with high quality lenses and technology for fast data capturing, which gives a problem free scanning process and accurate results.

Furthermore, T-SCAN makes it possible to measure parts in motion. With dynamic measurement 3D scanning is done independently of part movements, thus the measurement can therefore be done in harsh conditions such as environment with vibrations.  

T-TRACK is an optical tracker, which define the systems measuring volume and is available with 10 m3 and 20 m3. To capture data, parts are places within the measuring area of the T-TRACK, while the scanner is moved alongside the surface of the part.

During measurement, the laser scanner is tracked by infrared markers, which secure that the measurement is done within the trackers coordinate system. Thereby, it is not necessary to place reference point markers on the part.

Furthermore, T-SCAN uses high dynamic reach (HDR), which means that the system can measure nearly all surfaces without the use of spray.

With T-POINT you can measure individual coordinates and features quickly and reliable. The touch probe is the perfect solution for measurement of standard geometries such as a cylinder, or hard to reach areas.

Furthermore, T-POINT can be used to expand the measuring volume, if your part is too big for the tracker to capture the entire surface of the part. Here the touch probe is used to identify measuring points, used as common reference points.


Thereby, the parts can be repositioned according to the first measurement, whereupon the measuring points are probed before a new scanning is done. The two scans are united quickly and easily in the software GOM Inspect by using common reference point.  

Measuring volume 10 m / 20 m  
Part size 2-4.5 m / 2-6 m  
Point spacing 0.075 mm  
Setup Handheld  
Light source 1 red laser line  
Laser class (IEC 60825-1:2014) Class 2M (eye-safe)  
Cabel length 10 m  

GOM Inspect

GOM Inspect is a free software for analysis, dimensioning, and inspection of scanned data from different scanners, coordinate measurement machines and other metrology systems.