T-SCAN hawk

Handheld light weight 3D scanner with GOM Inspect

T-SCAN hawk is a portable and precise 3D laser scanner. With the software GOM Inspect it is a complete handheld solution for scanning and documentation of surface geometry. The intuitive use of the system makes the workflow simple from scanning to evaluation and reporting.

The 3D scanner is part of the HandsOnMetrology product line. It is designed to collect 3D data wherever you need it. The compact T-SCAN hawk is suitable for reverse engineering and quality control even in harsh and hard to reach environments. 

T-SCAN hawk is available with photogrammetry which makes it possible to measure large parts with high accuracy.

Furthermore, T-SCAN hawk is a flexible system which can switch between three scanning states throughout the same measurement job. Thus, with this lightweight scanner you can measure even fine details and deep holes to accomplish maximal precision in your 3D measurement.

Red crosses

3D scanning of large sections and for fast reverse engineering

Blue lines

Measurement of small parts, fine details, plus dark and refelctive surfaces.

One red line

3D measurement of deep holes and hard to reach areas.

T-SCAN hawk has multiple applications within reverse engineering, maintenance, and quality control. The system is suited for both indoor and outdoor scanning as well as small details and large parts.

With T-SCAN hawk you can:

  • Digitize unique geometries and create a CAD model
  • Document tools and cultural legacy
  • Make 3D inspection of worn parts
  • Make trend analyses of multiple scannings
  • Compare CAD data with actual geometries
  • Make inspection and dimensioning 
  T-SCAN hawk  
Scanning mode Standard / single line / Fine state  
Laser light source 7 red crosses / 1 red line / 5 blue lines  
Point spacing 0.05 mm / 0.05 mm / 0.01 mm  
Max part size 4000 mm  
Setup Handheld  
Integrated photogrammetry Yes  
Laser class (IEC 60825-1:2014) Class 2M (eye safe)  

GOM Inspect

GOM Inspect is a free software for analysis, dimensioning, and inspection of scanned data from different scanners, coordinate measurement machines and other metrology systems.

GOM ROT 350 

GOM ROT 350 is an automated rotation table, which is used in connection with 3D scanning of smaller parts.