ATOS ScanPort

Semiautomated 3D metrology system

ATOS ScanPort is a semiautomatic 3D scanner solution combining high-end equipment with automation in a compact design.

The system gives a complete surface measurement of parts with up to 200 mm and is an ideal solution for companies with large batches which have to be quality controlled and verified.

ATOS ScanPort has three motorized axes for both manual and automated use. The scanner itself moves along the vertical axis while the turntable can rotate 360° and tilt 115°. 

With preprogrammed measuring settings, ATOS ScanPort simplifies the process of replicating measurements. When the part is placed on the turntable, the scanning process is done automatically without involvement of the operator. 

The ATOS ScanPort solution is easy to use and simple to operate. The system is developed for the scanner line ATOS Core, which is available with 2 or 5 megapixel cameras and has a fixed measuring volume. The scanner and thereby the measuring volume can be switched quickly and easily to fit the size of the part. 

ATOS ScanPort is compatible with the latest software technology from GOM, including GOM Inspect Professional for inspection and analysis.

The system is a complete solution which contains hardware, software, documentation and support, and only consists of industrial components which are optimized to work together. ATOS ScanPort is mobile and can easily be integrated into the existing quality department. 


ATOS Core is a compact 3D scanner, which is easy to use and work with. The scanner is available with 2 or 5 MP cameras and can be used in both a manual and automated setup.