Semi-automated part measurement

GOM ROT 350 is an automated rotation table, which is used in connection with 3D scanning of smaller parts.

With this rotation table it is possible to optimize the measurement process and reduce the time for scanning. Plug in the USB, set the required number of rotations and let the scanner measure the part. In the meantime, the operator can utilize this time by doing something else such as preparing parts for the next measurement.

GOM ROT 350, rotation table

The automated rotation table can be used for measurement of single parts. However, it is particularly well suited for 3D scanning when measuring several parts of the same type, as GOM ROT 350 makes it possible to repeat the measurement.

Metrology system in transportable case
Case with 3D scanning equipment

The rotation table can be acquired as an independent unit or as part of a package deal, which consist of:

  • Laptop
  • Tripod of desk stand
  • 3D scanner (ATOS Core or ATOS Q)

The equipment fit into a case, which makes it is easy to store and if necessary, transport between departments. 

ATOS Capsule

ATOS Capsule is a high-end 3D scanner ideal for the industry. The scanner has high resolution and is available for both manual and automated scanning.


ATOS Q is a compact 3D scanner equipped with interchangeable lenses and a strong LED light source, which ensures high quality data. The scanner can be used in both a manual and automated setup.