CT scanning

3D computer tomography

CT scanning is x-ray scanning in 3D also called computer tomography. The technology is ideal for part verification and material analysis, as both inner and outer dimensions are documented.

With CT scanning it is possible to inspect cavities, channels, and other hidden details as well as analyze interactions between mounted parts.

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Do you have parts that need to be measured? Send a request with a short description of your measurement job. Please attach a photo or a technical drawing of you part.

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Tube lock

Sonion A/S needed to measure and analyze a small plastic part to approve the product, as well as document air inclusions and fiber structure.

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Plastic part

Oticon A/S wanted to check the quality of the component 'hook'. Zebicon used CT scanning to make a full-field surface documentation and measure the inner geometries.

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GN Netcom wanted more knowledge about the interaction between internal elements in an assembled headset, including location and connection between cables, PCB, and speaker.

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At Zebicon we are specialists in 3D scanning and industrial measuring techniques. We offer services within 3D scanning and measuring, and sell optical metrology systems from the German company GOM.


With great know-how technically and professionally, we assist in choosing the right solution if you consider to buy your own metrology system. Zebicon ensures that the necessary training and education is provided, and we also deliver support afterwards. 

3D computer tomography works by placing a part in front of an x-ray source which rotates 360º.

While the part is rotating, cross-sectional x-ray images are captured on a detector panel, and by using advanced software, the images are combined into a 3D model.

CT scanning is primarily used for quality control and part verification, material analysis, and analysis of electric components and assembled parts.

At Zebicon we offer services within CT scanning of smaller parts. GOM CT allows for CT scanning of parts up to Ø240 mm x H 400 mm.

The CT scanner from GOM is equipped with an automated rotation table, which means that it automatically adjusts the measurement distance according to the part size. 

GOM CT has two additional axes on the rotation table, which center the part in an easy way.

A unique feature for GOM CT, is its temperature balancing, which ensures a stable temperature during the measurement process, avoiding undesirable deformation.

Furthermore, the GOM CT calibrates the whole measuring volume simultaneously. The calibration is fully automated and can be done by the customer.

Dimensions 2130 x 2200 x 1230 mm
Weight 4800 kg
Power supply 400 V (3-phase, 16 A)
X-ray source 225 kV
3K-detektor 3008 x 2512 pixels
Voxel size 2 µm - 80 µm
Calibration Photogrammetry calibration
Automated Axes 5
Max. part size Ø240 mm, H 400 mm
Temperature balancing Yes
I/O Port Yes