ARAMIS for Education

3D deformation analysis for teaching and education

ARAMIS for Education from GOM is lecture material for teaching and education in 3D deformation analysis and material testing.

ARAMIS for Education compiles experience from the industry and makes it available for the educational institutions, with focus on the technologies and aplications within 3D testing.

ARAMIS for Education is a complete educational package, which combines theoretical teaching and practical exercises. This product is solely designed for educational institutions and is therefore available atan attractive price.

ARAMIS for Education consists of theorecial lecture material and an industrial 3D metrology system. This makes it possible to work with the following areas: 

  • Material science and defomation analysis
  • Practical training with digital image correlation 
  • Comparison of FEM analyses and validation of simulation
  • Practical understanding of engineering mechanics

The students can try all steps in the process of deformation analysis and material testing with access to professional hardware and software, along with relevant issues from the industry.


As an educational institution it is possible to get ARAMIS for Education lecture material for free. This package is called Education Starter Package and consists of:

  • Ready-to-use lecture material
  • Poster about 3D deformation analysis (DIC)
  • GOM Correlate software for students 
  • Information kit with brochures for students



ATOS Core is a compact 3D scanner, which is easy to use and work with. The scanner is available with 2 or 5 MP cameras and can be used in both a manual and automated setup.

GOM Correlate

GOM Correlate is a free software package for Digital Image Correlation (DIC) and 3D motion analysis to test material of components.