Zebicon is your local GOM support and service expert

Zebicon offers different types of support. On this page, you will find everything that supports the use of GOM metrology systems and 3D software.

Among others, you will find information about the content of a Zebicon support agreement and how it is being renewed. You can also read more about which special projects we can offer if you need a customized solution.

Additionally, you get information about verification and maintenance service of your GOM metrology system, as well as courses, webinars, and network activities.

Support, Zebicon
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Technical support and GOM Software Coverage

With a Zebicon support contract, you get access to technical support related to GOM hardware and software. We offer remote support by phone, e-mail, and TeamViewer, within Zebicon’s office hours.

Furthermore, the Zebicon support contract contains GOM Software Coverage, attractive prices when upgrading to new GOM equipment, discount on education and training, and free participation in network meetings for the Danish GOM user group. 

Special projects and on-site support

When you invest in a GOM metrology system, you get a complete solution. However, you might want to customize this solution or get further on-site support. 

Zebicon can develop customized functions for your GOM metrology system and conduct special projects such as customer specific software modifications, development of measurement adapters and fixtures, specific documentation, or process supervision.

Special projects

Quality assurance of GOM Metrology systems with Verification Service

Zebicon offers Verification Service of your GOM metrology system. Verification Service is an impartial documentation to prove that your metrology system lives up to the specified demands and tolerances.

When doing re-certification, you receive a certificate, which documents the precision and traceability of your metrology system. 

We also offer Extended Verification Service if your company has an enhanced need for documentation, traceability, and control.

Maintenance Service and Repair Service of 3D metrology systems

Zebicon is certified to do maintenance on GOM metrology systems. We are your local GOM service expert, who can be on-site when you need maintenance or repair service of your metrology system.

Maintenance Service is a comprehensive preventive check of your GOM metrology system, which we recommend is done annually, while Repair Service is ad-hoc repair in case of breakdown.

Service and maintenance
Extended service agreement

Flexible service agreement with Protect and Protect Plus

If your company has a need for extra fast response time in case of support and repair, it is possible to sing an extended service agreement. With Protect and Protect Plus you get a maintenance contract for three years including short response time, which ensures that your metrology system is up and running quickly in case of breakdown.

Furthermore, Zebicon offers Hardware Coverage, which is an insurance covering damages and defects, which are not caused by the user or incorrect use of the system.

Stay updated within 3D metrology

Zebicon and GOM are conducting different types of education, so users of GOM metrology systems and software can enhance their knowledge within 3D scanning and metrology.

When buying a metrology system or software, we offer GOM-certified training in Billund or on-site. You can also participate in an introduction course in the inspection software GOM Inspect Suite or find online courses and webinars.

Forum, GOM user meeting

Discuss and network with other GOM users

GOM and Zebicon have both created fora, where you can discuss and network with other GOM users, globally and locally.

When you buy metrology systems or 3D software from Zebicon, you automatically become a part of the Danish GOM user group.

At the same time, you get access to GOM Service Area, where you find important content and can download the professional software packages.