GOM webinar

Learn more about the application of 3D measurements

GOM offers webinars with a duration of one hour, where you can meet GOM’s team of 3D metrology specialists. The webinars are hosted regularly and revolves around the application of optical metrology systems.


The webinars are free of charge, so all you have to invest is your time. You will get an interesting and technical presentation about how optical 3D metrology equipment is used in different applications and measuring jobs in the industry.

GOM Scan 1

Demo Days GOM Scan 1

December 10, 2021

Get an insight into how the new GOM Scan 1 can support you in your daily work, when GOM is hosting Demo Days.

Demo Days are small group sessions where you can ask questions directly to the experts and discuss your applications.

See how simple it is capture precise 3D data with GOM Scan 1.

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