Metrology systems

Danish distributor of optical metrology systems

At Zebicon we are specialists in 3D scanning and industrial measuring techniques, and we offer services within 3D scanning and measuring.

Zebicon is also the Danish distributor of 3D metrology systems from the German company Carl Zeiss GOM Metrology and can thus assist in choosing the right solution if you consider buying a 3D scanner, CT scanner or photogrammetry equipment.

Furthermore, we are distributors of accessories to the measurement process, including measurement fixtures from Witte and ultrasound cleaners from Anmasi.

ATOS scanners for industrial part measurement

The ATOS series from Carl Zeiss GOM Metrology consists of accurate high-resolution 3D scanners, developed for industrial purposes. All scanner solutions have fast data acquisition, and advanced analysis and reporting possibilities due to a comprehensive inspection software.

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ATOS ScanBox for automated measurement

The ATOS ScanBox series consists of fully automated measurement systems, where one or more programmable robots are performing the scanning.

Common for all ATOS ScanBox solutions are: high accuracy at repeatable measurements, and fast measurement for quality control of part series.   


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ZEISS METROTOM for industrial computer tomography

ZEISS METROTOM is specially designed to meet the metrological needs of the industry. The CT scanner delivers high accuracy and repeatability, as well as high resolution.

Measurement and inspection is done in a simple workflow by using ZEISS INSPECT.

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TRITOP for optical coordinate measurement

TRITOP is used for quality control of large parts, verification of fixtures and handheld tools, as well as static deformation analysis.

The measurement system TRITOP can also be used to premeasure reference marks on large and complex parts, to reach a high precision in connection with 3D scanning of large parts.


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Deformation and motion analysis

Zebicon is distributor of the metrology system ARAMIS for digital image correlation and motion analysis.

ARAMIS is ideal for accurate real-time measurement of 3D deformations, displacements, velocities, and strain in components or material samples.


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Optical 3D measurement with PONTOS Live

PONTOS Live is an optical metrology system, that makes it possible to measure displacements of parts and fixtures. The technology is based on point-tracking, and can provide information about 3D coordinates and displacements, deformations, speed and acceleration.

Furthermore, the metrology system has a live functionality which allows for online measurements and positioning according to CAD.

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Other equipment and consumables for the measurement process

Zebicon is distributor of accessories for 3D scanning including accessories for ATOS systems, reference point markers, spray, measurement fixtures from Witte and ultrasound cleaners from Anmasi.


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