ZEISS e-learning

Online courses and training in ZEISS Quality Training Center

With ZEISS e-learning platform, users around the world have access to 3D metrology courses whenever it suits and at their own pace.

The e-learning courses are a combination of video presentations, practical exercises, and a final review to ensure a fast, lasting, and successful training.

The courses are available in the ZEISS Quality Training Center, where every participant has a personal account. Here the user can find and manage their completed courses, presentations, certificates, and other training related issues.

Everyone can get access to e-learning in the ZEISS Quality Training Center by creating a ZEISS ID.


Create your ZEISS ID

ZEISS' training courses follow a standardized concept, which is developed in collaboration with customers and partners from all over the world. The courses are divided into four categories, which all meet the user’s different knowledge levels.

Brush-up courses: These courses are for users who need to brush-up on ZEISS INSPECT, or to those who need to get familiar with the new features and workflows after an update.

Basic course: These courses walk you through the basics of software and product training. The purpose is to get you started with your metrology system and 3D software from Carl Zeiss GOM Metrology.

Advanced course: This is for the experienced user, who is ready to learn more about advanced topics like scripting, inspection of local surface deviations, or robogrammetrig.

Expert course: This is for the measurement or inspection expert, who wish to learn more about industry specific topics.


ZEISS Quality Training Center has e-learning for all users. Some courses are for free, others are purchasable.   

Certified training

Zebicon offers training and education in Carl Zeiss GOM Metrology systems and 3D software. We are certified to educate in the use of hardware and 3D software, and follow a standardized course program.


Zebicon og ZEISS regularly host technical webinars about the application of optical metrology systems for different industrial purposes. The webinars are free of charge.