Witte measuring fixture

Accessories for optical and tactile measurement

Zebicon is distributor of measuring fixtures from Witte, which are used for tactile and optical measurement.

Witte's product series consists of standard components, which can be assembled and combined in various ways. This means, that the elements are reusable and that a basic kit can result in many different measuring fixtures. Therefore, a large investment in specially designed fixing objects can be avoided.

Witte stands for precision and quality. The components are made by raw material of high quality, which gives a long-lasting and solid solution. Furthermore, they are machined with high precision, which ensures accurate dimensions of all elements, and thereby high repeatability in the measuring process.

Alufix Classic

Alufix is the cornerstone in Witte's measuring fixture product range. It is a modular fixturing system, used for measuring and machining processes.


FixBase are sandwich plates on which measuring fixtures are mounted. The plates are used to transport measuring fixtures and parts, and make the measurement process more efficient.


Fixinspect are accessories used for tactile and optical measurement. The series consists of adapters, frames and special targets.