ZEISS ScanCobot

Efficient scanning with collaborative robot

ZEISS ScanCobot is a cost-effective solution if you want to get started with automated 3D scanning of small and medium sized parts.

The system has integrated collaborative robot, motorized rotation table and an ATOS 3D scanner, in one compact unit on wheels, which makes it fast and easy to transport from one location to another. With the ZEISS ScanCobot it is therefore easy to use the measurement system on-site or across departments.

With ZEISS ScanCobot, positioning of the 3D scanner manually is in the past. 

With a user-friendly interface, the measurement and inspection process is done automatically, from the parts are placed on the rotation table, until the measurement report is done. The automated process results in consistent scans and ensures high precision and high data quality, which is an advantage when measuring part series.

Compared with the other automated scanning solutions from Carl Zeiss GOM Metrology, ZEISS ScanCobot can be categorized as an 'entry level product'. It is an ideal solution for companies, who wants to automate the measurement process, but do not yet need for an high-end ScanBox solution.

ZEISS ScanCobot is programmed in the virtual measuring room (VMR), which gives a functional representation of the real world.

Here it is possible to import measurement plans, do offline and online programming, make 3D measurement simulation, as well as automate data capturing, inspection, and reporting.

The VMR is a fully integrated solution, which allows for a complete reproduction of automated measurement processes.

With ZEISS ScanCobot it is also possible to use the technology Auto Teaching, which reduces the need for specific robot programming skills.

Based on the CAD part's geometries, the software can calculate how to position the scanner to measure the features and surface geometries of the part. Thus, Auto Teaching makes it easy to set up the system for automated part measurement.

  ZEISS ScanCobot  
Dimensions 975 x 755 mm  
Working height 1000 mm  
Power supply Standard, 100-240 V (1-phase, 16 A)  
Max. part size Ø500 mm  
Max. part weight Up to 50 kg  
Floor mounting No  
Sensor compatibility ATOS Q  


ATOS Q is a compact 3D scanner equipped with interchangeable lenses and a strong LED light source, which ensures high quality data. The scanner can be used in both a manual and automated setup.