Reference point markers

Markers for measurement with 3D scanning

Reference point markers are used in connection with 3D scanning to ensure high accuracy in the measurement. The markers are adhesive and are placed on the part before scanning.

During the scanning process, the reference point markers are detected and numbered, which makes it possible for the software to align the different scans correctly.

N.B. Zebicon is the Danish distributor of Carl Zeiss GOM Metrology products, and therefore only takes care of the Danish market. Please contact your local distributor for a quote on the needed reference point markers.

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Reference point markers - Low

Reference point markers with low adhesiveness are very easy to remove after scanning. Available in 1.8-8.0 mm and suitable for sensitive surfaces. Read more.

Reference point markers - Medium

Reference point markers with medium adhesiveness. Available in 0.4-8.0 mm and suitable for the most common applications and materials. Read more.

Reference point markers - High

Reference point markers with high adhesiveness, which can handle temperatures up to 120°C. Available in 0.4-8.0 mm and suitable for rough surfaces. Read more.

Reference point markers - Easy-removable

Reference point markers with medium adhesiveness. Available in 12.0-18.0 mm, which is suitable for measurement of large parts. Read more.

Reference point markers - Retro-reflective

Reference point markers with a reflective surface, which are used in connection with measurement system where this is needed. Available in 3.0-6.0 mm and is used when measuring with for example T-SCAN hawk. Read more.