Other equipment and consumables for the measurement process

Zebicon is distributor of accessories for 3D scanning including accessories for ATOS systems, reference point markers, spray, measurement fixtures from Witte and ultrasound cleaners from Anmasi.

Accessories for 3D scanners

Carl Zeiss GOM Metrology has developed a number of accessories for the ATOS scanner series, which all improve the measurement process and make it more efficient. This goes for both the manual as well as the automated process.


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Accessories for optical and tactile measurement

Zebicon is distributor of measuring fixtures from Witte, which are used for tactile and optical measurement.

The Witte product series consists of standard components, which can be assembled and combined in various ways.


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Markers for measurement with 3D scanning

Reference point markers are used in connection with 3D scanning to ensure high accuracy in the measurement. The markers are adhesive and are placed on the part before scanning. 


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Eliminating noise and obtaining high accuracy

Spray is used in 3D scanning to ensure high accuracy in the measurement. By spraying a thin layer of coating on the part before scanning, reflections and consequently low data quality is avoided.


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For applying coating

An airbrush is used to apply a thin layer of coating on the surface of parts before scanning. It is recommended to use a high-performance airbrush for small and very detailed parts.


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Efficient and gentle cleaning of parts

Zebicon is distributor of ultrasonic cleaners from Anmasi, who develops and produces ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

Ultrasonic cleaning is an efficient and gentle cleaning method, which removes dirt, bacteria, oil etc.


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