Ultrasonic cleaner

Efficient and gentle cleaning of parts

Zebicon is distributor of ultrasonic cleaners from Anmasi, who develops and produces ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

Using ultrasonic cleaning, components are placed in water or a chemical fluid and cleaned with soundwaves, making the components clean on both the inside and the outside. This is an efficient and gentle cleaning method, which removes dirt, bacteria, oil etc.

The ultrasonic cleaning technology excel by being environmentally friendly, time saving and very efficient. The equipment from Anmasi is of high quality and user-friendly to work with. 

When shiny parts need 3D scanning, a thin layer of coating is often used to avoid reflections during the scanning process. After scanning, ultrasonic cleaning is an easy way of removing the coating.

Zebicon has great experience with ultrasonic cleaning combined with 3D scanning and can recommend a solution witch suits your needs.