Quality assurance of Carl Zeiss GOM Metrology systems with Vertification Service

Zebicon offers Vertification Service which is a recertification of your metrology system. Recertification verifies the accuracy of your 3D scanner and ensures the traceability.

Verification Service is an impartial documentation that your metrology system meets the specified requirements and tolerances. This way, you verify that the system measures correctly and within the limit values.  

At Zebicon we recommend to recertify your metrology system annually. 

Verification Service is performed on-site by a certified technician from Zebicon. It is performed using an accredited reference normal (sphere artifact).

After the sphere artifact is measured by the 3D scanner, the measured dimensions are compared to the nominal values and the scanner’s limit values. Verification Service is performed in accordance with VDI/VDE 2634, part 3.

After the recertification you receive a certificate documenting the accuracy and traceability of your metrology system.

In connection with the recertification it is possible to perform a Maintenance Service, which is a preventive service of your metrology system. 

When performing Extended Verification Service, the level of documentation and review is increased.

An Extended Verification Service includes:

  • “As Found – As Left” inspection where the general condition of the system is documented
  • Verification Service before Maintenance Service
  • Maintenance Service
  • Verification Service after Maintenance Service

Extended Verification Service is inspired by the ISO 17025 standard which requires extented documentation, comprehensive certificate, and uncertainty budget for the measurement.

Zebicon, however, is not certified according to ISO 17025.

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Account Manager
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