ATOS ScanBox Series 7 & 8

Fully automated 3D scanning of large parts

ATOS ScanBox Series 7 and 8 are automated 3D metrology systems from Carl Zeiss GOM Metrology based on 3D scanning and robot technology. The series combine the newest technology with automation and high safety standards.

Common for the series 7 and 8 are a rail mounted 3D scanning robot, with an integrated lift system for increased flexibility. A rotation table is absent from the primary working area, instead parts are transported into the working area on fixtures.
ATOS ScanBox Serie 8 differs from Serie 7 by having two robots and consequently two scanners. Each robot is mounted on its own rail/lift system, allowing measurements of large parts to be conducted from both sides simultaneously.

ATOS ScanBox 7260

ATOS ScanBox 8260

Both series can be extended with rotation tables placed outside of the primary working area. A vertical sliding door allows for 3D scanning on the rotation table, while new parts can be prepared in the main working area. The rotation table can be installed on either side of the system.

In the case of ATOS ScanBox Series 8, a rotation table can be installed on both sides, for maximum output. All entrances are secured by light sensors.

With the patented 8-axis robotics system, both Series 7 and 8 perform full-field scanning of large parts, which are not suitable for a rotation table due to size or weight.

A complete geometric part verification ensures that high value parts meet the specified quality level.

By installing rotation tables next to the system, the output can be increased, as parts can be prepared at the rotation table area, while scanning takes place in the primary working area, and vice versa.

  ATOS ScanBox 7260 ATOS ScanBox 8260
Dimensions 4750 x 10150 x 3900 mm 5750 x 10150 x 3900 mm
Power supply 200-500 V (3-phases, 32 A) 2 x 200-500 V (3-phases, 32 A)
Max. part size Up to 6000 x 1250 mm Up to 6000 x 2500 mm
Max. part weight Unlimited Unlimited
number of scanners 1 2
Automated axes 8-9 16-18
Rotation tables 0-1 0-2
Entry Light sensor Light sensor
Opening width 3050 mm 3050 mm
Floor mounting Yes Yes
Loading concept Manual, crane, truck Manual, crane, truck
Sensor compatibility ATOS 5, ATOS 5X ATOS 5, ATOS 5X


ATOS 5 is a high-end 3D scanner with a strong LED light source, which ensures high data accuracy for a variety of applications. Available for both manual and automated setup.


ATOS 5X is an industrial 3D scanner with an extra strong light source based on laser. With ATOS 5X an extremely fast scanning process of large parts is achieved. Available for automated setup.


ATOS Plus is an add-on to the ATOS scanners, and is a combination of 3D scanning and photogrammetry. Using ATOS Plus a completely automated measurement process is obtained.