Download and send data

WeTransfer for transfer of large amount of data

As a customer you can send files and technical drawings to Zebicon by using our WeTransfer channel. When the measurement service is done, you can download your measurement report, 3D viewer files and result files through Zebicon's WeTransfer. 

Contact if you experience any problems with uploading and downloading data.


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GOM Inspect is a software for geometric analysis and dimensioning.

The software is ideal for 3D inspection and data processing of 3D point clouds and CAD data from different metrology systems.

The software is used for product development, quality control and production, and is available in both a free and professional version.

Download GOM Inspect

Measurement report

The measurement report gives a visual overview of your part. It is sent as a PDF file and contain the drawing og the specified measurements, a table, a best fit alignment and a surface comparison.

For further inspection of the part, read about session files.

Download measurement report

Session file

If you have installed GOM Inspect, you can download and open this .session file.

The file contains a typical 'first article inspection' on a demonstration object. It includes a color plot, dimensioning, and 2D sections, which clearly illustrate the differences between scan and CAD part.

Download session file

STL data (44,4 MB)

The output from a 3D scanner is called STL data or a polygon model.

This file contains approximately 500.000 coordinates and can be used for checking, which possibilities you have in your CAD software with respect to importing STL files.

Download STL file (44,4 MB)

Sections in X-axis

IGES sections are used for CAD import when doing reverse engineering, and can form the basis for creating a new CAD part.

The sections can be placed in all three axes, and with the desired distance.

Download IGES file (1,8 MB)