3D reproduction of chocolate cookie

3D scanning in the name of art

A KASSEN is an artistic cooperation, which has resulted in a number of art installations. The group wanted to make a new ceiling rosette for one of the classic beautiful rooms on the art museam Gl. Strand. The new rosette should be an oversize chocolate cookie.

To be able to make the roset as an exact copy of a chocolate cookie, it was necessary to 3D scan a cookie. The digital copy of the cookie could later form the basis of reconstruction, production, and tooling of the ceiling rosette.

The result of the scanning is a polygon model in STL file format, which can be used directly for programming production equipment. In this case the STL file was used for programming the 3 axial CNC milling machine, which was to produce the cookie. The company Østjydsk CAD-CAM A/S made the CNC programming in AlphaCAM, and performed the milling for A KASSEN.

Reproduced with permission from A KASSEN.

3D scanning

3D scanning

3D scanning is a technology, which can create a digital 3D model of a physical part. The technology is primarily used for reverse engineering or quality control and part measurement. Read more