Herlufsholm uses 3D scanning for recreating the founders of the school

Herlufsholm was founded in 1556 by Herluf Trolle and his wife Birgitte Gøye. Today it is the largest boarding school in Denmark.

In the year of 2000, Herlufsholm had a local artist cutting out a statue of its two founders, of an old tree standing in front of the school's church. This statue had begun to decompose. Therefore, the school wanted to recreate the statue in bronze, which should be done in connection with the school's 450th anniversary in January 2016.

To create an exact replica, Herlufsholm chose to get the original statue 3D scanned. This was done by Zebicon on-site at Herlufsholm.

The scanning of the 2 meter high statue resulted in a 3D model, which was given a finishing treatment and then casted in bronze in scale 1:1. The founders got their reunion with Herlufsholm the 14th of January, 2016, at Herluf Trolle's 500th birthday.

”It means a great deal for us, that we could recreate the statue of Herluf Trolle and Birgitte Gøye. The original statue had a historical meening for this place and had become a symbol of Herlufsholm and Næstved,” says Tim Petersen, director at Herlufsholm.

”We chose to create an exact replica of the original staute, as it is more authentic. The process was running smoothly, and the project was almost autonomous,” says Tim Petersen.

Today the statue is placed by the headmaster's office at Herlufsholm. A place where the students now meet the founders every single day and are reminded of the school's core values.

It took a day to scan the statue, and the result was a polygonized 3D model, consisting of 9.12m coordinates.

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