3D coordinate measurement under extreme conditions

Zebicon conducts coordinate measurement on offshore platform on Oresund.

Vattenfall A/S owns and operates three power plants and several wind farms in Denmark. 

When Vattenfall installs wind turbines at Lillgrund in the middle of Oresund, the big wind turbine towers have to fit on top of a concrete platform within 1/10 of a millimeter.

Zebicon has measured the distance between the bolts on the concrete platforms to ensure that the towers fit perfectly. For this job, the mobile and flexible 3D coordinate measurement system TRITOP CMM was used.

Preparation of the measurement took less than 30 minutes, and the actual measurement only 10 minuttes. All in all, one man-hour was spent per platform, including transportation by ship between the platforms.

The result of the offshore 3D measurement was a PDF report stating the coordinates of all bolts, as well as a calculation of the platforms' diameters.

Photogrammetry is optical 3D coordinate measurement. The technology is used for quality control of large parts, verification of fixtures and hand held tools as well as static deformation analysis. Read more