Try CT scanning from Zebicon

German accuracy - Danish service

At Zebicon we have been working with CT scanning since 2009 and are specialists in this area.
With our new CT equipment from GOM, we currently offer CT scanning from DKK 975,-.

CT scanning is x-ray scanning in 3D and is also called computed tomography. The technology is ideal for part verification and material analysis, since both inside and outside geometry is documented.

Measurement with GOM systems

At Zebicon we conduct CT and 3D scanning as services. Furthermore, we are the Danish distributor of high precision metrology solutions from GOM. 

Your parts will be measured using the new GOM CT, which has the highest resolution in Denmark.

We are ready to give you professional consultancy and CT scanning in the highest quality.

Kim Soele Demant

Technical Director
+45 41 96 49 53 

Do you have parts that need to be measured? Send a request with a short description of your measurement job. Please attach a photo or a technical drawing of you part.


Part size Max. Ø200 mm, H. 200 mm
Material Homogenious plastic part
Measurement report CT scanning is compared to CAD part, resulting in a color plot
Alignment Best-fit and by datum system
Output Data is delivered as STL, GOM Inspect file and PDF
Price DKK 975,-

Get your parts CT scanned at a fixed low price or get an offer on your mearsurement service

Do you need to measure other types of parts, which are not covered by the offer, please let us hear from you. Send an inquiry with you measurement service, and we will help you find the right solution.