Sandwich plates for measuring and transport

Witte FixBase work as measuring fixturing plates for mounting and transport of measuring fixtures, and as an alternative to conventional granite inspection plates.

FixBase is characterized by light weight, high rigidity, evenness and parallelism. Witte FixBase is available in different sizes and in vertical and horizontal variations. This way, both small and large components can be measured in the optimal position.

Witte Fixbase, mobile sandwich plate

FixBase is available as both stationary and mobile solutions. Hence, the measuring fixture plates kan be used in fixed installations, as well as for internal transport. By doing so, parts can be prepared in one location, while the measurement takes place in another location. This results in faster lead times and a more efficient measurement process.

The components in the FixBase-series are compatible with other Witte products, resulting in enhanced flexibility, as existing components can be used in another context.

Versions Horisontal, vertical
Stationary, mobile, automated
Hovercraft, rollers
Rotatable, height adjustable
Color Aluminum, black
Dimensions From 800x1200x100mm
TO 2000x4000x300mm

Alufix Classic

Alufix is the cornerstone in Witte's measuring fixture product range. It is a modular fixturing system, used for measuring and machining processes.


Fixinspect are accessories used for tactile and optical measurement. The series consists of adapters, frames and special targets.

Witte Barskamp