Special projects and on-site support

Investing in a GOM metrology system gives you a complete solution. However, a need or wish for a custom solution or further on-site support can arise.

Zebicon develops customized solutions or special projects focusing on your parts and specific issues.  We do this as consultancy for both long and short projects.

We also offer on-site support to help kickstarting a new measurement or development project. 

[Translate to English:] Specialprojekter, konsulentydelse
[Translate to English:] Specialprojekter, Måleadapter

Zebicon functions as your consultans, helping to optimize your measuring processes and adapt to your company’s requirements and processes.

We offer consultancy within:

  • Development of a company specific measurement report template
  • Development of measurement programs for ATOS ScanBox
  • User interface programming of ATOS ScanBox
  • Development of measurement fixtures and adapters
  • Process surveillance and customized documentation
  • Advice on measurement principles and strategies
  • On-site support in the beginning of new projects

Zebicon offers consultancy to customers without a valid support contract, who need help with issues regarding GOM software or hardware.

This way, it is still possible to get support from Zebicon. However, this will be scheduled in the daily project and order flow at Zebicon.  

We also offer training and education to enhance your metrology skills; through courses, e-learning, and webinars hosted by Zebicon or GOM. 

[Translate to English:] Specialprojekter, konsulentydelser
Teknisk direktør, Kasper Fedde Krogh

Kasper Fedde Krogh

+45 41 96 49 50


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Uddannelse og træning i GOM software og hardware


Zebicon and GOM offer education and training through classroom courses, e-learning and webinars. The content is applicable for both beginners and metrology experts. There are both free and purchaseable seminars. 

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Forum og netværk for GOM brugere


Discuss and connect with other GOM users. GOM and Zebicon each have a forum where you can network and dicuss with other GOM users, both internationally and locally.                                                

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Zebicon supportaftale

Zebicon support contract

With Zebicon's support contract we offer remote support by phone, e-mail, and TeamViewer, regarding issues related to GOM hardware and software. 

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