Keep yourself updated on 3D measuring

Both Zebicon and GOM offer training and education on different platforms, so users of GOM software and metrology systems can expand their knowledge within 3D scanning and measuring.

Education can be performed through physical courses, e-learning, or webinars with content directed towards both beginners and metrology experts. Some courses are free of charge, while others are purchasable.


This way, every GOM user has the opportunity to study using courses and training that fits their knowledge level or application area. 

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Classroom training in Billund or on-site

Zebicon is certified to perform training and education for GOM. The courses last 3-7 days and are developed with your metrology system and software packages in mind.

The classroom training takes place in smaller groups and is based on GOM manuals and GOM demo parts. The courses are a combination of theory and practical exercises, using both hardware and software to create the best possible learning environment. 


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Courses in the inspection software from GOM

Zebicon offers introduction courses in the free inspection software: GOM Inspect. Through practical exercises, you will get familiar with the fundamental functions in the 3D software.

During the course, you will learn how to use the software for importing, processing, and inspecting a 3D mesh from metrology systems like structured light scanners, CT scanners, and more.

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Online courses and training in GOM Training Center

GOM Training Center is an online education center, where GOM users have access to e-learning courses relating to 3D measuring techniques. The courses are made for beginners, experienced and metrology experts.

The training courses are developed together with GOM’s customers and partners from all over the world. In GOM Training Center you can find both free and purchasable courses. 

With GOM Training Center you can complete e-learning courses whenever you want and at your own pace.

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Learn more about applications for 3D measuring

GOM regularly hosts webinars where metrology specialists discuss different optical 3D metrology topics.

In the webinars you can learn more about the use of optical metrology systems, the technical possibilities and application in the industry. The webinars are for free so all you have to invest is your time.

Keep yourself updated on future GOM webinars. 

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