Zebicon support contract

Technical support and GOM Software Coverage

Zebicon offers technical support regarding issues related to GOM hardware and software. Support is only accessible with a valid Zebicon support contract.

With a contract we offer remote support by phone, e-mail, and TeamViewer. The agreement does not include on-site services like repairs, troubleshooting and service/maintenance.

In addition, the support contract includes GOM Software Coverage. This ensures up-to-date software with the newest features.  When buying a metrology system or 3D software from Zebicon, a 12 months' support contract is included. Afterwards, the support contract has to be renewed annually. 

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Support og software updates

GOM Software Coverage ensures that your software is updated and that you benefit from future developments and improvements. Furthermore, you will get technical software and hardware support. Zebicon offers support on the latest two GOM software versions.

Support is available during office hours by our experienced employees, who are experts in GOM’s systems and communicate in an understandable language.

Other than technical support and GOM Software Coverage, the Zebicon support contract also includes benefits like:

  • Attractive prices when upgrading your GOM measuring system
  • Discounts on education and training
  • Free attendancy at the Danish GOM user group network meetings

This ensures that your company has the best metrology systems to cover your needs in the future.

Furthermore, the support contract allows you to keep developing your technical skills and discuss with other GOM users.  

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At Zebicon we recommend that you recertify your scanning system annually. This way, you can ensure that it measures correctly and within the limit values.

However, it is up to the individual company and their recertification/calibration policy to decide the recertification intervals.

You can find the ID inscribed at the top on the USB dongle. Alternatively, you can also plug the USB in the computer and launch CodeMeter Control Center where your dongle ID will be shown.

When you download a new version of GOM software, you need to update your dongle. This can be done in two ways.

By using GOM Software or CodeMeter Control Center.

Update using GOM Software

  • Go to: Help - System Analysis - License information
  • Press: License update - Request license update
  • Fill in your name and e-mail before pressing; Send Request

GOM will then send a new file to the e-mail. After downloading you will have to

  • Go to: Help - System Analysis - License information
  • Press: License update - Import Update file

Update using CodeMeter Control Center

  • Launch CodeMeter Control Center (you can search in the Microsoft taskbar)
  • Press License Update - Next
  • Choose Create license request - Press next
  • Choose Extent existing license - Press next - Next
  • Choose where the file should be saved - Press Commit - Finish
  • Fill in and upload the file to GOM Dongle Update Form

GOM then sends a new file to the e-mail that was filled in. After downloading the license file follow these steps:

  • Launch CodeMeter Control Center (you can search in the Microsoft taskbar)
  • Press License Update - Next
  • Choose Import license update - Press next
  • Choose the file - Press Commit

At myGOM you can download manuals, software and get access to GOM Knowledge base and Forum.

You access myGOM by filling out the /Sign up form/ and log on here: https://my.gom.com/

At GOM Training Center you have access to e-learning sessions and online training made by GOM. A lot of courses are free, but some are only accessible after paying.

You get access to GOM Training Center by creating a GOM ID and logging on from: training.gom.com.

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Uddannelse og træning i GOM software og hardware


Zebicon and GOM offer education and training through classroom courses, e-learning and webinars. The content is applicable for both beginners and metrology experts. There are both free and purchaseable seminars. 

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Forum og netværk for GOM brugere


Discuss and connect with other GOM users. GOM and Zebicon each have a forum where you can network and dicuss with other GOM users, both internationally and locally.                                                

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måletekniske konsulentydelser

Special project

Zebicon offers development of special projects like customized software interface, measurement adapters and fixtures, specific documentation, process surveillance, and measurement consultancy.

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