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Analysis and inspection of 3D data

Zebicon is distributor of 3D software for processing scanned data. By making your own reports and conducting in-house inspection of scanned data from Zebicon, you get much more information and knowledge about your product and production processes.

GOM is a market leader within high-end 3D metrology systems and software for inspection and dimensioning, and delivers both free and professional software products. 

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GOM Inspect

GOM Inspect is a software for geometric analysis and dimensioning.

The software is ideal for 3D inspection and data processing of 3D point clouds and CAD data from different metrology systems.

The software is used for product development, quality control and production, and is available in both a free and professional version.

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GOM Correlate

GOM Correlate is a software package for Digital Image Correlation (DIC) and 3D motion analysis to test material of components. The software is used to determine the characteristics of the material and to verify numerical simulation.

The software is among others used for research, product development and fatigue testing and is available in a free and professional version.

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