Accessories for part verification

Fixinspect is Witte's series of accessories which can simplify the measurement procedure and make it more efficient.

The accessories consist of different adapters used for both tactile and optical measuring. The adapters are easy to use and are placed directly on the workpiece where measurement data is wanted. 

Fixinspect adapters can be used for various purposes, depending on which feature needs to be measured. Details as holes, corners, edges and threads are easily documented using Fixinspect.

As with other Witte products, the Fixinspect components are produced with great accuracy. This means that the adapter itself is precise, and that the measurement result thus can be traced back to the workpiece feature.

Fixinspect is designed with magnets and pins to keep the adapters in place, which leads to exact positioning each time. This results in faster preparation of parts and ensures high repeatability. 

Fixinspect Application
Variants PG Photogrammetry
HK Tactile measurement
TA Reference markers in fixture holes
LT Laser tracker measurement

Alufix Classic

Alufix is the cornerstone in Witte's measuring fixture product range. It is a modular fixturing system, used for measuring and machining processes.


FixBase are sandwich plates on which measuring fixtures are mounted. The plates are used to transport measuring fixtures and parts, and make the measurement process more efficient.

Witte Barskamp