Marketing Manager, Birgitte Lærke Andersen

Birgitte Lærke Andersen

Marketing Manager
+45 31 96 89 16 

Zebicon events

Experience the scanning technology up close

Zebicon is frequently arranging events as seminars, user meetings, student days, workshops and conferences, where you can experience the latest technology and get insight into the applications of 3D data.

You can also meet Zebicon at Danish industry trade shows, where we demonstrate live scanning and present the many applications the technology offers.

Furthermore, Zebicon is conducting introduction seminars in the free software GOM Inspect. GOM also conduct webinars to give you more knowledge and examples of the applications.

HandsOnMetrology Tour, HOM Tour

June 1, 2022

Zebicon is hosting #HandsOnMetrology Tour for designers, engineers, and quality employees etc., who wish to get an introduction to 3D scanning.

#HandsOnMetrology Tour is a initiative from Carl Zeiss GOM Metrology, for local distributors to demonstrate the mobile metrology systems in the HandsOnMetrology portfolio.

Presentations and live demonstrations will be done in Danish, but you are welcome to contact Zebicon, if you want to learn more about the application of 3D scanning.

Reoccurring event

The metrology experts from GOM are regularly conducting webinars, where you can learn about specific topics within the use of 3D Metrology.

Learn about the use of 3D metrology systems and 3D software for measurement and quality control, documentation, tension testing and analysis.

All webinars are free of charge. Find upcoming GOM webinars