3D scanning

Create a digital model of a physical object

3D scanning is a technology which creates a digital 3D model of a physical object. The technology is based on a light pattern being projected on the object, and is therefore also called structured light 3D scanning or white light 3D scanning.

Today the technology behind 3D scanning is so advanced that it can be used equally to tactile coordinate measuring machines for geometric measurement.

With 3D scanning of parts the whole surface geometry is measured, and not only selected coordinates.

GOM's product family of 3D scanners is called ATOS and consists of a number of systems with different specifications.

Common to all ATOS systems is; very accurate 3D measurement, detailed scan in high resolution, fast data acquisition, advanced inspection possibilities, complete geometric analysis and comprehensive reporting module

3D scanning is primarily used for reverse engineering or quality control and part verification.


ATOS 5 is a high-end 3D scanner with a strong LED light source, which ensures high data accuracy for a variety of applications. Available for both manual and automated setup.


ATOS 5X is an industrial 3D scanner with an extra strong light source based on laser. With ATOS 5X an extremely fast scanning process of large parts is achieved. Available for automated setup.


ATOS Q is a compact 3D scanner equipped with interchangeable lenses and a strong LED light source, which ensures high quality data. The scanner can be used in both a manual and automated setup.

ATOS Compact Scan

ATOS Compact Scan is a light-weight 3D scanner available with different measurement volumes, which makes it possible to manually scan both small and large parts.

GOM Scan 1

GOM Scan 1 is a compact and robust 3D scanner. Its intuitive use is suitable for fast and precise measurements of small and medium-sized parts. This manual scanner have a fixed measurement volume and are available in three variants.  

T-SCAN hawk 2

T-SCAN hawk is a handheld 3D laser scanner. Its intuitive use makes it suitable for reverse engineering and quality control even in harsh and hard-to-reach places.  

At Zebicon we are specialists in 3D scanning and industrial measuring techniques. We offer services within 3D scanning and measuring, and sell optical metrology systems from the German company GOM.


With great know-how technically and professionally, we assist in choosing the right solution if you consider to buy your own metrology system. Zebicon ensures that the necessary training and education is provided, and we also deliver support afterwards. 

Case: 3D scanning og an axial fan

Axial fan

Multi-Wing International needed knowledge about possible bendings on the tip of the axial fan, as these could give undesirable consequences during operation.

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Case: 3D scanning of bronze sculpture

Bronze sculpture

The modern artist Gudrun Steen-Andersen is a figurative sculptress. She wanted to 3D scan her sculpture Satellite to get an exact digital model for an artistic experiment.

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